Dear Dr. Roy Smudde and Carol.

It is with great appreciation that I would like to express my gratitude to both you and Carol.

After being without teeth for the last 8 months and having been to more than a dozen of Dentists and Dental Specialists I found you. 

What a wonderful blessing!!!!

Thank you for your patience and for your help and getting me back to being able to eat regular food.

For the past 8 months I have been on liquids, not fun at all!!  Especially during the Holidays where everyone was gathering to have a nice Holiday dinner and I could not even take a small bite to eat.

After you guys did my dentures and placed them in my mouth I was able to eat just like everyone else.  I sure missed that!  but not anymore.

I have to tell you that when I went back to work I was asked if I had something done because I looked 10 years younger.  My co-workers and friends told me that I totally changed and that I looked great!

I cannot begin to tell you both how grateful I am!  Thank you!  Thank you!

If you are looking for the best care in dental care, GENEVA DENTISTRY is the BEST!!!!

 Griselda B. Padilla

Human Resources Manager

April 16, 2015

Geneva Dentistry 
Dr. Roy A. Smudde & Carol 
There is no doubt that both of you are artists. Your “partials” are the Salvatore’ Ferangamo” & the Gucci of dentistry. 
Drs Allen & Kelly Smudde did my original partials in 2006. You are all so gifted. 
Sincerely Melva 

Dr. Roy Smudde & Carol Smudde 

Around December 13, 2012 I had my first appointment with Dr. Roy Smudde. I was extremely nervous because of my past dentist. I came to Dr. Smudde’s office with a real mess with my teeth. While I was filling out my paper work, Dr. Smudde came out and introduced himself, such a kind and caring dentist, you have the feeling they really care about you and your problem. My teeth and gum problems seemed very complicated, but to Dr. Smudde and Carol very fixable, they gave me hope. 
I went through long procedures, because of the damage to my teeth and gums from my past dentist. Carol was by my side during every procedure comforting me and holding my hand when I became stressed. Words cant express how Thankful I am for everything they’ve done for me. 
A special thank you to Carol, I’m not sure I could have went through this without you by my side, you have truly been my angle. 

Deepest Thanks 
God Bless 
To Cosmo 
Thank you for all your warm welcomes when I came into the office.

Thanks for the amazing cosmetic rehabilitation. I am grateful Roy and Carol for your creative approach and dedication to perfection. You are changing lives and helping people.
Sinerely A. Fontana 
May 4,2012

I came across Dr. Smudde and Carol Smudde by luck. My mother is an 83 year old with severe arthritis and has been a denture wearer for over 40 years. With severe bone loss her dentures no longer fit her. I took her to two other dentists in sherman Oaks who I was not pleased with at all. From the first phone call to Carol I knew I had made the right choice. The Dr. and his wife are not only talented in their work but sincerely cared about my mother’s difficulities with getting her in the chairs and ambulating. They were extremely patient with her and we never felted rushed. One occasion it was raining and they both excorted us back to our car caring umbrellas. I am in the healthcare field and am very aware of quailty care and concern for patients. I can not express enough how impressed I am with Carol and Roy Smudde, D.D.S.. Just this morning my mother dropped her dentures and broke them. I called them and they are making a special trip into their office on their day off to meet with me and make the repairs as quickly as they can. I hope others read this and choose this dentist office for themselves or for their elderly parents who require a little TLC !
Colleen Indermill 
Nov 5, 2012

To begin with , I would like too personally extend a huge thank-you too Carol & Roy Smudde for their patience, guidance & hospitality throughout my process, I would also like to extend a personal thank-you too Dr. Smudde’s Team who also played a part. Dr Dmudde, too me is one of the most Dedicated, Knowledegable, Understanding, & Passionate Doctors in the Dentist industry that I have had the pleasure of meeting. My situtation was a complicated one, one that had lowered my confidence and lack of self-esteem, With Dr. Smudde & His wife Carol’s expertise, together my family & I choose an option suitable for me, and the results came out outstanding. My Confidence & self-esteem has been restored to its full potiental, Along with and Amazing! Smile. They have a service dog Cosmo who makes you feel very calm & relaxed while waiting for the doctor to attend to you. Throughout my recovery process (post-op) Carol & Dr. Smudde, have made the process as easy and pain free as possible, together they have shown me that anything is possible to restore your smile & confidence to a Happier/ Healthier Life.
Daniel 11/15/2012

After years of struggling with deep emotional scars regarding my teeth, having to wear a partial denture since high school, I had come to a point where my last remaing upper teeth were failing and a decision had to be made. I did research, visited numerous other dentists and investigated several different options. I also remembered having had a very positive consult with Dr. Smudde many years ago. I knew it was time to revisit Geneva Dentistry. That visit made my decision one that I felt at peace about. 

I now have full upper dentures and a natural smile. It has been a major change in my life. In addition to adjusting to having a quality denture in my mouth, I’ve had to adjust to my new appearance and give myself permission to truly smile. I appreciate the expertise, care, compassion, patience, and the time that Dr. Smudde and Carol Smudde have given me every step of the way on this long journey. Their office is a place of calm as well as a source of warm, tail-wagging greetings from Cosmo! I am grateful.

Geneva Dentistry 

Santa Clarita, CA 

Dear Dr Smudde & Carol Smudde 

First, I would like to say thank you for being here!. I think your dental office is the best in Santa Clarita. Having a life changing experience to have your teeth removed one day and the next thing your wearing dentures. Carol really helped me through this transition in a very postive and easy way. Her compassion was so appreciated, the phone call the next morning to check how I was doing was very suprising and nice. This office has reallly set the bar in all aspects of what a #1 Dental Office should be. Anyone afraid or reluctant to go to the dentist, this is the office to go to. For me its like going to see a freind with the benefit of having a expert in dental care. This office answered all my questions and concerns, they always made me feel so comfortable. 

I appreciate their pride in their work, professional manner, expertise and compassion for their patients 

Thank you, very much 

Your patient BJ 


My life has been transformed by Dr. Roy and Carol Smudde. My mom, who was a patient of theirs, always bragged about the work they did for her. I checked out their website and decided to give them a call. I was suffering from years of dental disease and neglect. I realized the repair job would be a large undertaking, However, as soon as I walked ito their office, all of my fears were relieved. Carol worked with me on a financial plan to ease my concerns. They took time to go over the plan with kindness and understanding. They also answered my questions instanly. I cannot say enough about their professionalism. Dr Gabriel Henao had the task of removing thirteen of my teeh. He completed it in one day and it was virtually PAINLESS!. He was very gental and kind during the entire procedure. How could I praise the staff without mentioning the Customer Service Assoc./greeter, Cosmo! He definitely is the the good will ambassador of the office! 

The result of their hard work has been nothing short of miraculous. My mouth has been transformed dramatically. I have the smile I had decades ago and I can chew, without pain, thoroughly. More importantly, my confidence is growing because I no longer feel embarrassed in front of others. There really are no words to express my gratitude to everyone at the office. I look forward to a long term relationship with them for maintenance and updates. I am also excited there will be an addition of of a dental hygienist in the near future. 

Sincere thanks to Dr. Roy, Carol, Dr Gabiel Henao, and Cosmo. I am so glad I listened to my Mom!
Mary Ann Davis 04/22/2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Smudde using his Geneva dentures for more than 20 years. About a year ago I needed a new set of dentures. Unfortunately, my bottom jaw was so thin I was in need of implant’s and dentures. I was fearful of the processs but proceeded due to Carol Smudde’s encouragement. She had the same procedure. Now I have new implants and new dentures and they are wonderful: just what I needed. Dr. Smudde and Carol made arrangements to come to an office near my home and were at all times supportive, efficient and they keep in constant touch with me at home during the process. They are the best and are highly recommended by me.
April 2008 
Lorene Hjertstedt

Dear Dr. Smudde 
I just want to thank you, Carol and Dr. Ryan and the rest of the team for a great job in fixing my 4 front teeth it was truly an engineering feat. You made the impossible possible. 
Thank you for my new smile. 
Implants- It’s the only way to go… Money well spent 
PS. Thanks to Cosmo Mr. Cool the Therapy Dogie for his support 🙂
Willie Benitez March 1,2011

My name is Brigitte. I had dentures done by Dr. Roy Smudde and Carol in 2005, and I am so pleased. I want to express my deepest gratitude for their work. My previous dentures, done by a so called specialist in the same area, were a cheap piece of plastic, and that’s what I looked like. The bite was not good either, but that dentist didn’t care. Luckily I found out about Dr. Roy Smudde, and his office did a great job. These dentures are even better than my own teeth! I don’t suffer the least from having had lost them, it’s something you have to live with. Being German, my generation mostly has bad teeth, what with all the malnutrition of our mothers during wartime, and malnutrition more so after the war. Also we did not have fluoride in the water. 

I think the artistry in Dr Smudde’s and Carol’s work lies in being able to artificially produce a totally natural look, that means, they have really thought about it and worked it out. Also, the bite is perfect, I can eat anything, never need glue, and this after 4 years! They haven’t worn off. I would highly recommend their practice to anyone who needs work done, it’s worth it even if you have to travel a long distance. 

And, even after this time, if I have a question, I can ask them and they respond, though I live in Europe (as if they have nothing better to do) So if I were the Guide Michelin, I’d give them three stars. 3*** 

Carol, and Dr. Smudde, thank you so much.

My first experience with Geneva Dental (office) was with Carol when calling to make my appointment. She was a great first impression. From the the first time I walked in the lovely peaceful office and was greeted by Carol, Dr. Smudde and Cosmos I felt I was in good hands. We dicussed options and what the process would be. Once I decided which one suited me the Dr. walked me through the procedure and the timeline. I opted for a upper denture and and a new bottom partial. 
On every visit I made to the office I was welcomed with a smile. I was completey informed and prepared for every procedure, which was comforting and reassuring.’ 
I was given a local anesthetic during extractions, bone graft and fillings. Afterwards, I took an antibiotic every 4 hrs. over the following week to avoid any infection. Later that evening recevied a called from Dr. to see how I was doing. 
My overall experience was excellent. I’m extremely happy with my new set of teeth they look so natural, you wouldn’t know I had any work done.The office had a very friendly and warm atmosphere— never felt pressured. I can confidently recommend your services to my friends and family and know that they are guaranteed to be pleased with the resutls, I know I am!… 
A.S., Valencia May 19,2011 

Thank you from the patient to the Team: 

Dear Team, 

Dr. Smudde… The master mind behind this concept, I find Dr. Smudde to be extremley dedicated, most compentent and caring individual. 

Dr. Ryan Schatz… Many thanks to your chairside manners. Always concerned if I was alright and comfortable. Your were gental efficient, and a true professional. Nicely done!. 

Christine… Thank you for your assistance, endurance and strenght. 

Cosmo… Thank you for greeting me, you are so special. 

Carol… last but not least, you kept me well informed before, during and after the procedure. the information given was dealt at just the right times. You are a truly a beautiful person inside and out. 
kudos to you!” 

A.S. Valencia, CA May 19,2011 

I came to Dr. Smudde Professional Co., after a traumatic experience with another denal professional whose work left me incapacitated and confused. Dr. & Mrs Smudde offered me a realistic evaluation of my problem and a positive solution. 
They worked with me patiently until achieving near perfection. No one can detect my use of dentures. 
At this time I have to say that even I forget I am wearing anything but my own teeth. 

Isabel Meerovich 


Dear Doctor Smudde, 

It has been well over a year now that I have enjoyed your wonderful surgical implant work and I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to you, your wife and your entire staff. As you may recall, I came to you with some fear and trepidation as a result of my prior experience with denture work from a major dental organization in West Los Angeles. However, with patience, understanding and the utmost professionalism, you explained every procedure step by step, offering reassurance — always with a smile. Moreover, I would like to give you special recognition for being a renowned expert your field and for using far superior technology than I had seen before. I can honestly say that nine implants later with a new set of Geneva Dental Dentures perfectly fitted, shaped and styled for my mouth and personality, I got my life back again. Thank you for giving me the confidence to go forward with this procedure. God bless you and yours.

Gary Courneya

In 1999, I was very unhappy due to experiences with dental care in the past. I saw an ad in a senior paper, and called the phone number. I was given an appointment for a consultation. Since then I am very pleased with the dental prodcedures and the outcome of such, and would recommend “Geneva Dentistry” to all persons seeking extensive and/or minor dental work. Thanks to Geneva Dentistry and the professional expertise of Dr. Roy and Carol Smudde, I am able to smile without embarassment.
F. Aucker

I have wore denture’s since the age of 16, and then my trouble’s really started in my early 20’s. I received new dentures from many dentists that were in varying degrees of acceptability in fuction, comfort and beauty. Some much worse then others. Finally in 2000, I discovered Geneva Dentistry through a magazine ad. 
I made an appointment and began a journey with Dr. Smudde and wife Carol, who made new dentures that literally transformed my smile, and my ability to chew properly. I wore these for about 9 years when I decided to have bone grafting and implants in some areas, as my teeth would no longer stay in my mouth due to the excessive bone loss from the many years of wearing dentures. 
Mine was a very complicated case and took 2 year’s to complete. But again Geneva Dentistry came through with new dentures that snapped on my upper implants, with 2 crowns for my lower bottom partial. I can’t tell you the joy I feel wth these replacements. I can eat thing’s I could never eat before, and these new dentures and crowns look even more natural than the previous ones if thats possible. 
I would highly recommand Geneva Dentistry to anyone who wears dentures. The results can not compare with a denture one might get from a conventional dentist. Any increase in expense is more than worth it, when seeing the final results in the ability to chew food properly along with the extremely natural appearance that accompanies these dentures. 
In many cases a conventional dentist could even charge more, but you would never get the results as I have with Dr. Roy Smudde and wife Carol.
P.Hultman Torrance, CA 
Sept. 2009

If you’ve heard the old adage, “A camel is a horse designed by committee.” 
that was the problem with my teeth. The various elements of my dental work were designed and constructed by half a dozen dentists in different cities, over decades. Each of my dental professionals viewed the problem of the moment and tried to solve it. None seemed to take into account the work in the past, and consequently, I ended up with a terribly painful TMJ condition. I had no idea that my teeth had anything to do with the intense migraines, ear and neck pain that plagued my life for so many years. 

Finally, a chiropractor suggested that my poor bite, evidenced in x-rays, might be causing my discomfort. I went onto the internet one day and as Providence would have it, found myself calling Geneva Dentistry. A few minutes later, I was speaking with Dr. Roy Smudde. When I described my dental situation, Dr Roy seemed to understand exactly what I was telling him. Even more fortuitously, I found that he had a office that was local to me. I set up an appointment and the rest, as they say, is history. 

After measuring what my bite ought to be, Dr. Roy and Carol started the gradual process of changing the pressures in my jaw with a special 
appliance called a bite lifter. Almost immediately, my ear pain was diminished. Eventually, my whole mouth was re-engineered, salvaging the natural teeth that I had managed to keep through all the past trauma. I never discussed my dental work with friends, but soon, some of them noted that the pained expression was gone from my forehead. One said that I looked more relaxed than I had in ages. To my delight, nobody ever 
asked if I’d had new dental work. I interpreted that to mean that my teeth were not obvious, they were simply correct support for the rest of my face, 
which now smiles a whole lot more than it used to. 

Dr. Roy Smudde is brillant, of course, but Carol, his dental technician is also amazing. She’s part psychologist, part reconstructive artist, part therapist and absolutely gifted in her craft. What more can I say? If you are in pain from poor or mismatched dental work, as I was, I highly recommand that you call them. 

Judy Pittman 
March 2008

Perfection Personified 

Perfection Personified, the utmost professional service rendered at the Geneva Dental Assoc. in Beverly Hills, CA, where Dr Roy Smudde and his wife Carol Smudde affiliate. 

Several months ago I came to see Dr. Smudde to discuss the possibility of dental implants. 

After extensive consultations, several examinations and several x-rays, Dr. Smudde recommended which dental procedure would be best for me. I was in concert with his recommendations. 

Dr Smudde’s required necessary surgery procedures, were done with a minimum amount of pain. 

Each procedure was followed up personally by Dr. Smudde via telephone, the same day of a procedure, and two to three days thereafter. 

Dr. Smudde’s patients’s are treated on an individual basis. No treatment is routine. 

Subsequently, I now have a full set of dentures which are very comfortable and gives me a radiant smile. My lower denture is affixed to dental implants. 

I am always in the public where a smile is necessary. I work part time as a Receptionist where smiling is an asset to the company for whom I work.

My co-workers remark how natural my teeth look and how they sparkle. 

I love the new smile I project and am very pleased with the work of Dr Roy Smudde, assisted by his wife Carol Smudde. 

I highly recommend anyone with any type of dental problems, please contact Dr Smudde. 

He is your man.
Andrew J. Thomas 

I have worn dentures for practically two thirds of my life. Over those years, the dentures I wore were uncomfortable, deep set and did not have the look and feel of natural teeth. As a result, I lacked self confidence whenever I smiled and talked with people. I was always very conscious whenever people looked at me. I covered my mouth when I smiled and I was very unhappy with the way I looked. Cosmetic Dentistry gave me hope to improve my looks and self confidence. 

I met with Dr. Roy Smudde and Carol Smudde of Geneva Dentistry at their dental office in Valencia, CA. I also met Dr. Cho. They comprise the team of dental experts who would do a full mouth reconstruction on me. Even from my very first visit, I was very comfortable discussing with Dr. Roy, Carol and Dr. Cho about my dental concerns as well as my expectations. During the discussions, they conveyed to me their strength and expertise in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry. They discussed with me the procedure and what would be my reasonable expectations. I knew that my case was not going to be easy as I had several missing teeth, some remaining teeth that were not in the best condition, a bite that can be improved, bridges that needed replacement and a partial denture that did not look great at all. I made the decision to proceed with the dental procedure because I was confident that they will do a great job that is far above my expectations. 

Dr. Cho was a great team player. He provided professional expertise in preparing my full mouth for the denture. Dr. Cho is a very caring dentist who was constantly attentive of my feelings. He was very gentle at all times during the procedure. He is very knowledgeable and is an expert on various dental procedures. Dr. Roy Smudde made my great-looking partial denture and he also performed the full mouth reconstruction for me. His numerous years of dental expertise and professional accomplishments made it all possible. Finally, I trusted Carol Smudde to give that final touch of beauty and aesthetic appeal to the product, which ultimately gave me that beautiful smile I am now proud to show to the world. 

The procedure was completed before my scheduled cruise. At the cruise, I had a great time showing off my best smiles ever in every picture I was in. I looked great in my pictures. I also enjoyed the food at the cruise because now I can eat and chew my food so much better than before. 

I love my youthful look and winsome smile which the Team made possible for me. I now feel very confident to smile and talk with people. Everyone who knows me noticed the change in my smile, in my facial features, and in my personality as a whole. I am very happy to have met this great dental team of Geneva Dentistry. They have greatly changed my life. I cannot thank them enough for this life-changing dental makeover. 

As I always said: If I cannot have a great set of teeth; then I must have the best denture ever. And I definitely got it from Geneva Dentistry !!!!! 

Thank you, Dr. Roy Smudde, Carol Smudde and Dr. Cho. You, guys, are the BEST!!! 

Adele Vargas